Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Blog Announcement

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all doing amazing.  I think about you all the time.  My sincere hope is that all of your dreams, baby-related and otherwise, have come true and you're living blissful, awesome lives.

I wanted to leave a note here to let anyone who still follows or reads this blog that I've started a new one.  It's a mommy blog.  So... fewer stories about pain and loss and infertility, but just as much snark and humor.  Plus you can see how the product of all the struggles I experienced in this blog ultimately turned out.

If you want to!  But if any of you guys are still in the trenches and a mommy blog is the exact last thing you want to read, I totally get that, too.

I love you all regardless.  You were so there for me when I so needed it, and part of the reason I'm starting a new blog is that I miss that community.  (Who knew there would be anything about that dark time I would miss?)

You guys were my candles in the darkness, and I'm forever grateful for that.

So if you would enjoy reading about how ridiculous and independent and hilarious my daughter is, or about my soon-to-be-born son's mystery personality, then I would love to have you.  I'll be here: https://amamasamusingmusings.wordpress.com/

Snarkily Yours,

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