Monday, December 1, 2014

Symptoms Part 2

So now my symptoms have just gotten weird.  Mood swings I was prepared for.  Even hot flashes.  But today I just got a bunch of random things.


Cramps in my lady parts!

A really weird and intense pain on half of my face that extends from just below my jaw to my brain bits!

That last one doesn't even make sense, but I Googled it and a bunch of people have jawline pain on Clomid.  WHY!?  What reason could there possibly be?  Is jaw pain hormonal?  Does making me feel like my brains are going to burst out of my skull somehow prepare my uterus for fertility?

But whatever.  I'll take whatever I have to take, because the ol' ovulation kit says today is a flashing smiley face day, and that means that I ovulate soon.  So husband and I are having our scheduled sexytimes and hoping to make a baby in this weirdo, symptomatic, drugged-out body of mine.  Wish us luck.

'Cuz it's going to take some willpower to down these pills next month if they don't work now.


  1. Good luck, sweet girl! When I was on Clomid, the hot flashes were my biggest nemesis. But it's interesting you mentioning your jaw hurting. Mine did too, and I found out that at night, when I was having those lovely hot flashes...I was grinding my teeth! Interesting side effect, for sure.

    Hang in there, and lots of luck to you! XOXO

    ~Kim at

    1. Thanks for your well wishing! The symptoms are definitely weird. I'm just trying to get through the best I can.

      I love the name of your blog, by the way.

  2. Fingers double crossed that it all ends up being worth it!

    1. I really appreciate that. The thought of going through all this for nothing is horribly depressing.

  3. The cramping and achiness is cause your ovaries are like BAM lets make some eggs! So thats a good sign. Good luck with the sexitimes.


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